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Minecraft is all about building blocks. It’s one of the most creative games out there. Minecraft game is related to the cubes which can be stored and destroyed. As the player explores the new direction, the map generates the more terrain having different biomes. The different terrain will let you have the experience of thick forest, dessert full of cacti, deep blue water of ocean along with with big monsters, and icy land. The game allows you to keep yourself safe and craft the items needed for the same. The game offers two playing modes – Single and multiple players. It’s always a good experience to play with friends.

Modes The game offers three modes of play, which are – Survival mode, hardcore mode, and creative mode. Survival Mode is where players mainly focus on surviving by managing hunger, building structures to protect themselves, and collect resources. Hardcore mode is the difficult mode where once the payer dies, the game finishes. The last one […]