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The game offers three modes of play, which are – Survival mode, hardcore mode, and creative mode. Survival Mode is where players mainly focus on surviving by managing hunger, building structures to protect themselves, and collect resources. Hardcore mode is the difficult mode where once the payer dies, the game finishes. The last one is the creative mode where players are offered a lot of resources to play with.


The inventory of the game has many resources, including wood, stones, coal, etc which you can use for your survival. There are lots of structures that you can build by unleashing your creativity.

Impressive adaptation

As Minecraft allows you to build anything that you like, it gains the interest of the players. With multiple setting options, the player can get a great gaming experience.

Different Platforms: 

The various platforms that Minecraft supports are: 

  1. Console – For the people who like to play their games in an old fashioned way, the console is the best. The console version of the game is similar to the computer version. The only difference comes with world size. On play station 3 and XBOX 360, the game worlds are confined to 864X864 while on Play station 4, the worlds are confined to 2500X2500 block map. The computer version of the game is limitless.  
  1. Computer version  Computer version of the game is the most updated and widely used version. The developers firstly implement all the updates in the computer version.  
  1. Minecraft pocket edition – Pocket edition of Minecraft works best for the gamers who like to play on the go. The mobile edition supports Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc. The pocket edition can be downloaded easily for the Apple and Google Play store at a very reasonable price of $6.99. It is the best way to play Minecraft; however, it has limited setting options, which makes the version little less versatile.  

Installing The Game:

Installing Minecraft on Android and iOS is easy as one can open the Google play store and Apple Play store and download the game from there. The game is not accessible free of cost, and you have to pay a little amount for its download.

Un-Installing The Game:

Un-installing the game needs you to go to settings and then search Minecraft in the application manager. You need to select uninstall from there and select ok.

Minecraft is certainly a game of people’s choice, which improves your creativity and thinking abilities. There is no doubt that the game is interesting as the game is popular among lots of gamers.

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