Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
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  • 1.09

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a very popular game with the theme of the 1980s. Drugs, violence, sex, and crime together makes this game a highly rated and valued game in the gaming industry. With a fictional take on Florida’s Vice City, GTA: Vice City revolves around Tommy Vercetti, who has been released from the prison recently after 15 years of stretch. His bosses send him to Vice City for some new missions and operations. His first task is to score cocaine. But the deal somehow goes wrong, leaving him without cocaine, money, and idea on who cheated him.

Tommy Vercetti, the mob is very angry and he decides to start his investigation. You will play his character to find out who wronged you while taking care of your business. You will also drive taxis, befriend Love Fist (Scottish rock group), involve yourself in a turf fight, smash up the mall, become a pizza […]