Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Tommy Vercetti, the mob is very angry and he decides to start his investigation. You will play his character to find out who wronged you while taking care of your business. You will also drive taxis, befriend Love Fist (Scottish rock group), involve yourself in a turf fight, smash up the mall, become a pizza delivering boy, run adult films studio, hook up with biker gangs, take a bank down, demolish buildings to lower the real estate prices, and more.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City offers a precise depiction of the 1980s crime saga. The vehicles in the game fit the bill appropriately with lots of sedans mixed with cars and many characters of the game dressed in the pastel suits. The 1980s view uses many pop-culture stereotypes that are found in television and film from the decade. The big cast of characters of the game is memorable and colorful. Various kinds of motorcycles are an excellent addition amongst the other vehicles in the game. You will find a decent range of 2-wheelers including street bikes, mopeds, big hogs, and more.

You can also do some flying in Florida’s Vice City. You will come across missions that allow you to fly a plane around the Vice City. A few helicopters are also present here and there. You can see many miles when you are in the sky and flying around is quite impressive. You can land your helicopters on most buildings in the game. What’s more, you will find many different weapons in GTA: Vice City. The newest addition in this title is in the melee weapons across the city. The weapons are also broken into different classes. You can work your ways up from the basic weapons through to the deadlier versions.

In GTA: Vice City, the radio stations are very well done. The 1980s music on the stations helps set a great tone for the whole game. You will find many artists and bands, including Michael Jackson, Quiet Riot, Herbie Hancock, David Lee Roth, Frankie Goes, and more. There are hours of music present in the game. There are pop stations, rock stations, quiet storm-style loving song stations, new wave stations, electro stations, and more.

Download the game and start playing today by visiting the Google Play Store. You can uninstall the game simply by tapping on the GTA: Vice City’s icon and choosing the Uninstall option.

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