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Fortnite can be played for free. In this game, 100 players are dropped in a playing area to compete and fight against each other. The one who is last to survive in the battle is the one who wins the game. Fortnite Battle Royale does not feature any bloody violence when the players fight with each other. All the animations in the game are cartoonish. You need to wait for your avatar to be loaded on the balloon-powered bus with nothing other than a glider and a pickaxe, together with 99 more players. It is then time to be dropped on an island, look for powerup, materials, and weapons and fight your rivals until you are the last one to be standing. During the gameplay, a storm comes in, shrinks the battleground, and forces the contenders closer.

Fortnite’s players’ avatars and environments pop with character and color and it is simple to see how the game won millions of hearts with its charm. The game is hide-and-seek with explosive instants of violence when the players encounter one another. If you are playing with others, you need to be better than the opponents. With practice, you will soon become an expert. Fortnite is presently available on PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and Xbox One. Moreover, the cross-play capabilities of this game let players match across mobile, desktop, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

Fortnite is just fun. Everything that can make a game phenomenal is present here including satisfaction of mastering the building mechanics, the tensions of scavenging, and the excitement of the deadly, intense moments of combat. There is the dress-up element as well in the game where the players can easily express their style using many accessories and outfits which can be purchased or won. If you have racked up rewards already from the battle passes, then you can choose to go with the mobile version and keep all the snazzy goodies and outfits. If you have a mobile device, you can now play Fortnite Battle Royale easily anytime and anywhere.

Installing Fortnite Game  

Access the Game Launcher app
Tap Fortnite Installer
Click Install and Open
Grant permission to the app to access your storage
Once granted, click the yellow Install button
Once installed, open Fortnite Installer
Hit the Launch button
Let the installation complete before you start playing

Uninstalling Fortnite  

Go to your device’s Settings
Scroll to Apps
Next scroll down to Fortnite
Tap to uninstall
And you are good to go.

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